Are your teeth crowded?

Crowding Before and After

The signs of crowded teeth usually reveal themselves in patients from a young age, and typically will not improve without orthodontic intervention. No matter your age, if you have crowded teeth, it's better to deal with the situation sooner rather than later. Baton Rouge area residents can rely on Dr. Frugé and his team for all of their orthodontic needs, including treatment for crowded teeth.

Factors Contributing to Crowded Teeth:

• Poor diet and malnutrition - this is a problem for young children who don't receive the nutrition that they need which causes issues with their jaw growth.

• Injury - any breaks or serious injury to the jawbone can affect the spacing of one's teeth. This is another reason why any injuries to the teeth and jaw should be treated in a timely manner.

• Thumb sucking and other repetitive behaviors - thumb sucking and prolonged use of bottles and pacifiers can also have detrimental effects on teeth placement and proper jaw alignment.

Why It's Important to Fix Crowded Teeth:

• Difficult or impossible to reach the spaces between crowded teeth - as teeth become more crowded it can become difficult if not impossible to keep them clean. Bacteria causing food particles can create a breeding ground that is perfect for plaque.

• Digestion problems - when the jaw is misaligned and there is teeth crowding, chewing properly can become an issue. This can then lead to issues with digestion and one's overall health.

• Damage to teeth, gums and jaw - crowded teeth that go untreated can lead to worsening problems with one's jaw, gums, and teeth. This can lead to issues such as TMJ, chronic headaches, and unrelenting jaw pain.

Crowded and crooked teeth can be fixed with orthodontia such as braces and retainers. In some cases, veneers and crowns may be necessary to fix the problem.

If you are in the greater Baton Rouge area and have crowded teeth, contact the team at Frugé Orthodontics today for a consultation.