AcceleDent | Fruge Orthodontics

AcceleDent's patented technology is now available in the Baton Rouge, LA area from Dr. Frugé and his team. If you are interested in receiving effective orthodontic treatment in a compressed timeframe, AcceleDent may be right for you! Patients in Baton Rouge who want to spend less time wearing braces and attain a beautiful smile are turning to AcceleDent as an effective treatment option.

Benefits of adding AcceleDent to your Orthodontic Treatment Protocol

Commonly referred to as "fast braces", AcceleDent is a device that speeds up the orthodontic process helping you attain a perfect smile and proper alignment in a shorter period of time than braces alone.

• Patients will experience less pain and discomfort during their treatment period - many patients are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment due to the pain and discomfort that traditional braces and aligners can cause. With the addition of AcceleDent, Baton Rouge area patients can expect a less disruptive treatment.

• Timeline for realignment of your teeth will be shorter - attaining correct alignment and a beautiful smile in a shorter time period is beneficial to all patients!

• Results of your treatment will be more consistent - Dr. Frugé creates an individualized treatment plan for all patients, and with AcceleDent your results will be more consistent and predictable.

• Can be used with both brackets and aligners - whether you opt for traditional braces or one of our alignment treatment programs, adding AcceleDent is an available option.

This medical device is FDA-approved and documented clinical results are very exciting. While individual results will vary, patients may experience a more effective and shorter treatment period. We are here to answer any questions that you may have and fully address your concerns about this new treatment option.

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