Orthodontic Retainers Baton Rouge

Orthodontic Retainers Baton Rouge

After going through the process of getting your teeth straightened, you'll naturally want to do everything in your power to retain your beautiful, new smile. When you first finish your Invisalign treatment or get your traditional braces removed, your orthodontist will tell you about the importance of wearing your retainer; you'll probably feel plenty motivated to wear it regularly.

However, as time goes on, some patients might start to question if they really need to wear their retainers, feeling like they're more of a chore than a benefit. The retainer experts at Fruge Orthodontics have put together a list of key reasons why retainers are important and why you need to keep wearing one after having your teeth aligned:

1) Retainers Protect Oral Health

Straight teeth will be easy to clean, so by wearing your retainer and maintaining all of the gains made by your braces or Invisalign treatment, you'll streamline your hygiene. Floss your teeth without feeling like you need to press between them harshly and risk irritating the gums, and brush away food residue and bacteria with gentle brushes with the help of your retainer keeping your teeth in line.

2 ) Retainers Help Prevent Clenching

Once you get your braces off or stop wearing Invisalign, your mouth will feel different. A patient might clench their jaw as they adjust to the new sensations. Your retainer can be customized so that you have a reminder not to clench, which will avoid knock-on issues such as teeth grinding and headaches.

3) Retainers Protect Against Tongue Thrust

Some people have a tendency to thrust their tongue forward when swallowing food or water, talking in everyday conversation, or sometimes unconsciously when their tongue is at rest. Excessive tongue thrust can easily push your teeth forward, jeopardizing your newly-aligned smile. Fortunately, a special retainer will act as a defensive line against your tongue, keeping your teeth right where they should be.

4) Retainers Solidify Your Progress

Since it takes time for your teeth to naturally settle into their new positions, your bones, gum tissue, and muscles have to also adapt to the changes that any orthodontic treatment causes. If you fail to use your retainer for the recommended length of time during the day, your straightened teeth might move back out of alignment since the rest of your oral anatomy didn't have the opportunity to catch up.

Everyday Retainer Tips

  • Always keep your retainer in the same spot when you take it out of your mouth so that you don't lose it.
  • Make sure that your backpack, purse, or whatever else you're using to carry your retainer has enough space for your retainer case.
  • Imagine how happy and healthy your teeth are, and reflect on everything that you and your orthodontist went through to get you to the place you are today. Don't lose progress!

Retainers play a major role in keeping your smile healthy and your teeth straight. To obtain a properly fitting retainer that's comfortable to wear, contact Fruge Orthodontics today by reaching out to our staff via phone or email for an appointment!