Braces in Denham Springs

Braces Denham Springs

Fruge Orthodontics has been proud to offer braces to Americans from Baton Rouge to Denham Springs, from Gonzales to Livonia. Countless similes have been restored or perfected across generations. Although not the most popular fashion accessory, braces are an important part of oral health and wellbeing.

Braces prevent gum disease, which can quickly become problematic if you’re not invested already in your oral hygiene. Thankfully, braces will be able to space out teeth correctly so that you’ll have a simpler time flossing and brushing between each tooth. Without the power of braces to realign your teeth, food is far more likely to be lodged between teeth, where it is difficult to remove easily.

Braces function as an action against tooth decay as well. Although cavities caught early are easy to treat, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. There is an enamel barrier that prevents the worst of bacteria from the human mouth from rotting out the inside of a tooth, but there is only so much of it guarding the path before it is permanently worn away. Braces prevent the acid buildup and bacteria colonies in small crevices from having tight places to hide between malaligned teeth.

Bone erosion, though not a commonly cited reason for braces, is nonetheless a common one. Bone loss happens when constant grinding or bacteria wears away at the jaw, causing an increased risk of issues from accidents to strain injuries. Protruding teeth, in general, are more likely to sustain harm during impacts relating to sports, vehicle accidents, and falls.

In the long run, braces will help with a person’s self-esteem. Although sometimes difficult to discuss, a crooked smile can often prevent someone from wanting to smile at all, and this can even lead to a disproportionate jaw angle if left untreated in younger populations.

Braces will slowly help with proportions, especially in populations still undergoing bone development, by encouraging bone growth in the proper direction and rebalancing teeth. This has an add-on effect of helping with poor bites or malocclusions, which could otherwise make chewing difficult or even painful. Since chewing is the first step of the digestive process, making sure that the mouth can perform the task comfortably and with ease is paramount.

Fruge Orthodontics in Denham Springs is proud to offer Damon brackets. These braces use a sliding door piece that allows for “self-ligation” in the mouth. This means that the wiring system is free to slide from side to side within the bracket without needing to utilize steel ties or elastic. The benefit of such a system is that it causes less friction and greater comfort overall for the wearer. Damon braces generally reduce the treatment time needed in order to achieve the desired results from braces as well.

Ceramic braces are another option at Fruge Orthodontics, which are made of a clear material so as to appear translucent. Ceramic braces are highly popular with adults because of their subtle nature; they blend into teeth so as to appear more “natural.” However, there is a drawback to ceramic braces in that the elastic ties are prone to discoloration, and the ceramic is more fragile.

Want to skip traditional braces altogether? You might be a candidate for Invisalign, where 3D imaging is used to create a series of molds for your teeth according to a schedule set by your orthodontist. Invisalign is perfectly clear and has the advantage of being highly durable. However, for more severe spacing issues and straightening needs, traditional braces might still be required.

If you’re in the Denham Springs area and looking to improve your oral health, realign your teeth, or simply need a cleaning, reach out to the friendly staff at Fruge Orthodontics today and start taking care of those pearly whites!