Popular Braces Colors for Adults

Popular Braces Colors for Adults

With recent improvements and developments in orthodontics, more and more adults are opting for braces than ever before. If you are a resident in the greater Baton Rouge area who has always dreamed of having a perfect smile, it's time to book your appointment with Dr. Frugé!

Adults may or may not want to draw attention to their braces, so we offer a wide range of color options:

Bold and Beautiful - feeling like having some fun with your braces? Why not choose a color that matches your personal style? Darker colors can also help make your teeth appear whiter, another bonus! Patients with fairer skin often choose colors such as lilac, silver, or pale blue; while those with darker or olive complexions like vibrant jewel tones or traditional navy.

Invisalign - just as the name suggests, this option is nearly invisible. If you would like to correct your teeth without drawing too much attention to your treatment, check out Invisalign. This option also allows you to eat the food you want and have an hour or two without orthodontia each day.

Old School Metal - traditionalists can opt for today's metal braces, considered less rigid and more comfortable than older options that were available during their childhood. Metal braces are fast-acting and can help to decrease your overall time of treatment. And there's something comforting and nostalgic about seeing someone rocking the old school metal braces!

Whichever style you choose, we are here for you. Call the offices of your favorite Baton Rouge orthodontist, Dr. Frugé, today to schedule an appointment. It's never too late to have a beautiful smile!