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Fruge Orthodontics is pleased to present Acceledent in Livonia! By choosing Acceledent, you can speed tooth movement by up to 50% while reducing the pains of orthodontic gear adjustments.

What is Acceledent?

Put simply, Acceledent is the latest in dental technology in the form of an orthodontic device that hastens teeth movement during treatment and improves overall oral health. With a focus on holistic care, Acceledent comes with prime features and delivers comprehensive oral care that’s effective and easy to implement into a daily routine.

Acceledent is adaptable to any lifestyle, especially the hectic demands of the modern worker. Hands-free to use, Acceledent can be employed while watching television, reading a book, surfing the Internet, listening to music, and even while taking a relaxing bath or shower!

AcceleDent Clinical Studies

There have been fifteen clinical studies reviewing Acceledent that validates its effectiveness at speeding up orthodontic treatments. With the positive results clearly shown, more and more orthodontic professionals around the world have started to adopt the technology into their practice. Many orthodontic experts have praised Acceledent’s SoftPulse technology as revolutionary, thanks to its ability to move teeth via micropulses sent through the gums. SoftPulse technology reduces mouth pain while increasing the speed of treatment, making it a win-win for both orthodontists and patients alike.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent | Fruge Orthodontics

One cycle of Acceledent treatment is measured as one 20-minute session. Each day, you’ll use Acceledent by syncing it up with your mobile phone to control an app that helps track your progress and operates the device. The miropulses sent through your teeth and gums will be felt minimally, but they target the roots of your teeth and the bones they sit on with each vibration. This allows Acceledent to correct how they rest in the mouth over time.

SoftPulse technology increases local cellular movement on a microscopic level that hastens the rate at which teeth can be moved. When utilized with aligners or braces, Acceledent can move teeth up to 50% faster. Patients have also recorded that their braces and aligners cause less oral soreness after using Acceledent.

The Benefits of AcceleDent

Patients using Acceledent in Livonia, LA, under the watchful guidance of Fruge Orthodontics, can anticipate faster, low-pain treatments that lower the anxieties that come with having braces. No matter the age your oral devices are installed, you’ll see the benefits of Acceledent. Enjoy what matters most in life, or take care of your busy schedule while working on the smile of your dreams. Additionally, Acceledent lowers the occurrences of cavities, white spots on teeth, and gum inflammation, making it a holistic option for your oral hygiene!

Acceledent is 200x less stressful on the mouth than normal chewing and 8x less rough than using an electric toothbrush. This revolutionary orthodontic device positively impacts dental health like no other technology on the market.

Is AcceleDent Convenient?

Designed with busy folks in mind, Acceledent around Livonia, LA, is favored by those with lots on their plate. Marrying a peerless performance-tracking application with high-tech dental innovation sees that a patient’s teeth are adjusted quicker and around their own schedule. Wirelessly connect Acceledent to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to take advantage of real-time tracking about how your smile improves each day.

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If you’re ready to speed up your orthodontic treatment schedule, then reach out to Fruge Orthodontics today; your braces timeline can be reduced by up to 75%!

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