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People looking for braces around Livonia are frequently curious about their options. With modern technology, multiple orthodontic treatments are possible for the broadest number of patients at affordable costs. Specializing in local orthodontic braces treatments, Fruge understands that each patient’s road to their best smile is unique. That’s why we customize each person’s braces treatment plan to obtain the best possible outcome. Although common, braces in Livonia are still quite specialized insofar as what they require of an orthodontist. Precise planning, adjusting, choice of hardware, and more all play a factor in choosing the right braces for you.

Damon Smile Braces Near Livonia

Our local orthodontists are pleased to offer Damon Smile braces for patients seeking braces around Livonia. Damon braces have several advantages when compared to traditional braces. They utilize a slide mechanism to hold the archwire, which reduces the pressure placed on your teeth. Lowering pressure on your teeth will allow them to move more quickly, comfortably, and freely.

Another advantage of Damon braces for Livonia patients is their smaller brackets, leading to less rubbing inside of the mouth. Everyone knows the pain and sores that braces can cause from rubbing against these sensitive tissues; Damon braces greatly reduce these discomforts. Patients opting for Damon braces can expect shorter treatment times with a more comfortable experience when compared with traditional braces technology.

Damon Clear Invisible Braces Near Livonia

Nearly invisible, Damon Clear is a line of braces that retains the same Damon technological advantages over traditional braces while presenting with clear aligners for a discrete teeth-adjusting experience. Damon Clear keeps pressure on a patient’s teeth in order to move them into proper position with the latest in technology while keeping you comfortable. Available at Fruge Orthodontics, Damon Clear is best for patients looking to combine the best of traditional technology clear braces and invisible aligners for results that make you want to show the world.

Conditions Commonly Treated with Braces Around Livonia

We treat a wide range of orthodontic conditions with braces for patients in Livonia. Common orthodontic problems addressed by braces include:

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