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At Frugé Orthodontics, the health of our patients is our top priority. With 30+ years of experience, our board-certified orthodontists offer a variety of treatment options to improve the physical appearance and functionality of your smile and, ultimately, restore your confidence. Learn about our services and the latest orthodontic technologies we offer to our clients to improve their smile!


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Consequences of Unhealthy Teeth

The importance of healthy teeth cannot be understated. Teeth slice through food to prepare for swallowing and help regulate airflow in the mouth. When teeth are unhealthy, it is difficult to chew and swallow properly, and it triggers abnormal pain and discomfort in the jaw. There is also a higher risk of experiencing tooth decay or developing gum disease.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Children getting braces  - Frugé Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments correct the malfunctions that common conditions, such as crowding of the teeth, overbite, >crossbite, and missing teeth, cause. As a result, patients enjoy a smile that looks and feels healthier.

For children, seeing an orthodontist as early as the age of seven allows teeth and jaw problems to be corrected before they escalate into bigger, more serious problems. It’s also never too late for adults to seek treatment, for it allows them to maintain the health of their mouths, overcome self-consciousness about their smiles, and no longer suffer from chronic pain.

We provide an assortment of teeth straightening remedies, including traditional braces and Invisalign, as well as treatment for sleep apnea and TMD.

It is vital that we take care of our smiles for the rest of our lives. The doctors at Frugé Orthodontics are committed to delivering exemplary work for our Gonzales orthodontic patients of all ages. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call (225) 621-2709.