Invisalign in Livonia, LA

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Frugé Orthodontics is pleased to offer Invisalign near Livonia and the surrounding areas for qualifying orthodontic patients! Invisalign is a unique teeth-straightening program that serves as an alternative for those who wish to avoid traditional braces installed in their mouths. Durable plastic is custom molded for each patient which allows the device to blend into your mouth with little attention drawn. Invisalign mouthpieces are changed out every two weeks or so in order for continual teeth moving to occur. Under the trained eye of a local orthodontist in Louisiana, Invisalign can be just as effective as permanent braces.

Do I Qualify for Invisalign?

It’s important to make sure that Invisalign is the right treatment to address your unique dental needs. Most patients looking for Invisalign around Livonia want to have the same results as if they’ve had traditional metal braces. However, canted jaws, severe spacing or height issues, and more can make a patient a poor choice for Invisalign treatment. Thankfully, Invisalign providers near Livonia such as Frugé Orthodontics provide a three-dimensional image of the mouth to make sure every tooth can be properly handled by each mouthpiece into proper position.

Can I Take My Invisalign Out?

The magic behind your zero-braces smile is thanks to leaving your Invisalign mouthpiece in for approximately 22 hours every day. The only time you’ll want to take out your Invisalign will be to perform your orthodontist-recommended dental hygiene protocol. Your mouthpiece needs to be worn even while asleep in order for your teeth to progress enough for the next mold to be used on schedule.

Can Invisalign Get Stained?

Although you need to leave your Invisalign inside your mouth as much as possible, if you’re consuming something that’s particularly staining such as wine or curry, it might be best to remove it for a time. Coffee, smoking, and dark teas can also leave behind a yellowish stain on Invisalign. The rule of thumb is that if what you’re doing would normally stain exposed teeth, then it will stain your mouthpiece.

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment around Livonia experience less discomfort on average than those with traditional metal braces in their mouths. This is because Invisalign is smooth, while metal braces can rub sensitive tissues and cause canker sores.

Is Invisalign Expensive?

Invisalign treatments in Louisiana are expected to cost a bit more than traditional braces normally would. However, discuss with your local orthodontist about the total cost of treatment time, as more mouthpieces that need to be made will increase the cost. Making sure that you leave your Invisalign in your mouth and making sure not to lose it will reduce delays in your treatment schedule and save you money.

Top-Rated Invisalign Treatment Near Livonia, LA

If you’re interested in a method of teeth straightening that doesn’t involve as much metal or discomfort in your mouth, then Invisalign might just be the right choice for you. Reach out to the local Invisalign professionals at Frugé Orthodontics and start working on your perfect smile today!