Vaping & Oral Health

Is vaping healthy?

There are many misconceptions surrounding the "healthiness" of vaping as compared to smoking. Many of our patients incorrectly think that vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking, and has very few, if any, health risks. This is simply not true! Vaping can be just as damaging to your oral health as smoking and can have some very real long-term consequences.

Detrimental Effects on Teeth and Gums
Effective orthodontic treatment requires good overall oral health. Because vaping and e-cigarettes also contain nicotine, there is the potential for damage to your teeth and gums. When you are using a vape or e-cig, you are preventing your orthodontic treatment from progressing as necessary. Your teeth and gums need to be in good condition in order to properly react to your course of treatment.

Using a vape pen can prolong the amount of time it takes to complete your treatment, and it can also prevent you from achieving the desired results. At Frugé Orthodontics, we want all of our patients to have the beautiful smile that they deserve, and because of this we discourage smoking and vaping of any type.

Our team is here to help you achieve the best oral health possible, and we are available to answer any questions that you may have about the ill-effects of vaping.

If you are concerned about how vaping is affecting your oral health or that of a loved one, contact Frugé Orthodontics today! We want to help all of our patients enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.