Is there a benefit to early orthodontic treatment?

Is there a benefit to early orthodontic treatment? - Is there a benefit to early treatment

Many orthodontics are finding that early intervention when it comes to childhood dental care has many benefits. Sometimes referred to as interceptive treatment, beginning care while a child still has some of their baby teeth have yielded wonderful results for many young patients.

Benefits of Interceptive Treatment

There are a host of orthodontic problems that benefit from early treatment. These are typically more serious issues that require long-term care. If your child has excessive spacing between their teeth, they suck their thumb or finger or have noticeable and significant over or underbites, it makes sense to have them undergo a comprehensive orthodontic exam as soon as possible.

When these conditions are treated at a young age, the prognosis is much better and the pain and discomfort that the patient feels can be lessened. The process can be started with removable devices that are less intrusive but still effective. The doctor can also help your child to break any habits that are contributing to their orthodontic worries, such as thumb sucking. Parents are encouraged to discuss any issues with their dentist who can advise them on the need for an exam from an orthodontist. Getting started early can make treatment less intrusive and more effective.

Dr. Frugé has found that examining each child on a case by case basis is the best way to determine the right course of treatment. If your child has an issue like protruding teeth or a major misalignment, it may make sense to begin their treatment before all of their adult teeth have come in. Contact us today to schedule an exam if your child is showing any signs of orthodontic issues.