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How Early Can You Get Braces?

How Early Can You Get Braces Baton Rouge Orthodontist

Parents often wonder, “Does my child need braces?” If the answer seems like a yes, then the logical next question is always, “How early can my kid get braces?” The youngest age for a child to get braces is approximately six years old, but what age do kids get braces most of the time?

Most children get braces between 9 and 14 when their adult teeth start coming in. This is the best time range to align them for their adult mouth space and ensure the jaws grow correctly.

When Should a Child See an Orthodontist?

Although there is no single universal age, it’s recommended by the doctors here at Fruge Orthodontics, as well as the American Academy of Orthodontics that children visit an orthodontist at the age of seven. This isn’t a time when braces will be mandated; your local pediatric orthodontist will take this time to evaluate your child’s bite, airways, and oral habits. It’s from this starting point that additional phases are scheduled ahead of time. It’s critical that when getting braces as a child that there’s an action plan in place to make sure that oral development progresses along a healthy path.

Why Would a Child Need Braces?

When thinking about how early kids can get braces, most people reckon that it’s going to have something to do with their adult teeth coming in. However, there are multiple medical issues that could cause a child to need braces as early as 70 months old (approximately six years):

  • Severe Mouth Breathing: If your child seems to be only breathing out of their mouth, there might be an issue with their airways. While the most common first thought is perhaps they are having an issue with their sinuses such as inflammation, their jaw might not be developing properly. This means that their adult teeth could grow in poorly from the start.

  • Grinding Teeth: Known medically as bruxism, grinding teeth is common in some children and even adults both day and night. There are many possible reasons for this involving nervousness, stress, and more, but the pressure it places on a child’s developing teeth cannot be understated. It might be a cause for a child to get braces earlier rather than later.

  • Airway Issues: Children sometimes have problems involving coughing, wheezing, and similar breathing issues. However, apart from issues such as allergies and asthma, a maladaptive airway due to jawbone issues might be the cause. Having your child evaluated by a local orthodontist would be best for making sure that their airways aren’t being impeded by awkward bone growth. Thankfully, childhood braces treatments and other interventions are possible to restore normal breathing.

  • Facial Symmetry: Early intervention with braces during childhood is important for ensuring facial symmetry. Not only does this serve the purpose of keeping a child’s mouth mechanically healthy, but it serves as an aesthetic boost for their self-esteem in the long run. Getting braces early when there’s a problem will limit the need for future tooth removal or jaw surgery, preserves space for adult teeth, prevents teeth from chipping easier or wearing unevenly, and allows for better speech. It’s never too early to start looking after your child’s smile.

Get the Best Pediatric Orthodontic Care at Fruge Orthodontics

A pediatric orthodontic checkup is a learning experience for both the parent and the child. Our trained orthodontists will be able to identify subtle problems with your child’s emerging teeth and growing jaw while baby teeth are still present in the mouth. In some cases, braces might be needed, but in others, simple monitoring might be all that’s required. Regarding your child’s unique needs, the caring staff at Fruge Orthodontics will create the best children’s orthodontic treatment plan for them. Contact us today to learn more about childhood braces and to schedule an appointment for your little one to make sure their life’s oral health starts off on the right foot!