The Secret to a Brighter Smile is in Your Kitchen

how to get a whiter smile

You never thought the old phrase "nature finds a way" would apply to teeth whitening. But lo and behold, there are natural solutions to achieve brighter teeth. These teeth whitening allies are present in a place you might not expect: your kitchen.

Here are the natural wonders capable of producing brighter and healthier smiles:

Broccoli-These little green treasures might not be your favorite vegetable, but they'll move up on your list after you see the improvement in your smile. Raw broccoli contains high levels of iron that shield your enamel against discoloring, decay, and bacteria.
Orange peel- The procedure associated with this might be a little strange. But the results are worth it. Simply wash the orange peel (which contains no acids) and rub the inner white area on your teeth. The rough surface provides effective cleaning while the Vitamin C component of the peel whitens your chompers.
Strawberries- Decadence might be good for you after all… Strawberries contain malic acid, which has been shown to remove surface stains. So next time you're on a strawberry binge, you can tell your loved ones that you're simply improving your smile.
Apples- "An apple a day keeps the dentist away" might not be as catchy as the original idiom, but it may contain some truth to it. Eating apples helps your mouth create more saliva, which can stop stain-causing bacteria from getting a foothold on your teeth. Plus every time you bite down into an apple, your gums become stronger due to the crisp workout.
Cheese- Aged cheese and hard cheese have high levels of calcium, which strengthen not only your bones but also your teeth and gums. Additionally, certain types of cheese protect your precious enamel and behave like a natural toothbrush due to their rigid surface.

Be sure to combine these foods with daily flossing and brushing rituals for a smile that's both bright and healthy.