Do Clear Braces Take Longer to Work Than Traditional Braces?

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Many orthodontic patients opt for clear braces in Livonia for multiple reasons. They might think that traditional metal braces draw the eye too much to their mouths, making them feel awkward in public. Folks with youthful faces are frequently concerned that their braces might make them appear more immature. Thankfully, options for clear braces in Livonia are available to make sure that patients have an option that’s just as effective as traditional braces while being more subtle in appearance.

Treatment Time Using Clear Braces

The quickest way to determine how long you’re required to wear clear braces is to be evaluated by a local orthodontist. After your teeth have been checked out, you’ll be given an estimate of clear braces treatment length ranging between 12 and 36 months. Traditional metal braces are similar; they range up to 36 months or beyond depending on a patient’s orthodontic needs.

Are Clear Braces Worthwhile?

If you’re a good candidate for clear braces in Livonia, then you’ll probably want to take advantage of the benefits that come with them. Adults typically feel less nervous about addressing their crooked teeth when the option is available to select clear braces from their local orthodontist rather than traditional braces. Since ignoring dental problems only makes the mouth worse over time, this helps get people in the door to get the treatments they need.

Issues mouths can experience with uneven teeth range from premature wear on teeth to receding gum lines. Tight teeth make it difficult to floss, meaning that your mouth becomes a safe harbor for harmful bacteria. From an aesthetic perspective, opting for clear braces around Livonia will get you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Ask your local orthodontic specialist about the options that will work best for your individual situation.

Caring for Clear Braces

Damon Clear Braces Livonia | Fruge Orthodontics

It’s not uncommon for clear braces to be impacted more by diet than traditional braces due to their transparency. Over the course of human history, many spices have been used to dye clothing. They’ll do the same to your braces if left on them long enough.

Additionally, smoking will also stain your clear braces. Smoke stains are notoriously difficult to remove, so it’s better to ditch the cigarettes before deciding on clear braces. You might even discover that getting clear braces is the extra push you need to help motivate you to kick the harmful habit.

Being made of a ceramic material, clear braces can be more delicate than traditional metal braces. Their material also causes more friction, slowing tooth movement unless properly installed in the mouth by a reputable orthodontist nearby.

Clear Braces Around Livonia

Clear braces are just as effective and flexible in their wearing time as traditional metal braces. For many patients seeking orthodontic treatment, the pluses of clear braces outweigh the minuses of their upkeep. If you’re ready to step into the world with a new smile with the help of clear braces, then reach out to Frugé Orthodontics. Call or email to schedule an appointment with a local orthodontist and start working on your perfect smile today!