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Adult Braces - What You Need to Know

Adult Braces - What You Need to Know Baton Rouge Orthodontist

People who have graduated from their teenage years still have a need to address any lingering cosmetic or oral concerns regarding their dental health. With more and more adults looking to get braces and have their smiles straightened, the orthodontic industry has expanded its adult braces offerings. At Frugé Orthodontics, we’ve seen higher numbers of adults coming in for braces evaluations than ever before. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top things to know about getting braces as an adult:

1) Braces Aren’t Forever

Some adults think that because they’re no longer adolescents, they’ll be stuck wearing braces for an exponentially longer time. Thankfully, this isn’t the truth. Braces are for any age range, and adults can expect to wear their braces between 12 and 28 months. The average length of time a person needs to wear their braces depends on their unique orthodontic goals among other oral health factors. Your local adult braces expert will be able to guide you through the process and figure out the perfect treatment plan.

2) Braces are More Affordable as an Adult

Adults are able to set aside more money than older teens; the typical cost for braces ranges between $3000-$6000 with a variety of payment options available. Divide your braces payments into monthly fees once your up-front cost is covered. If you have any issues with talking that require braces, you might be able to have your braces paid for by insurance still. Your orthodontic team will help you figure out how to best save money for your procedure.

3) Adults Have More Options

When you’re ready to get your adult braces, you can work with your dentist to get the best ones for your needs. Braces have only gotten more streamlined and efficient in the last decade, with options to make them appear less noticeable in the mouth. Invisalign braces are also an option for those looking for the most “invisible” of looks. However, they require a patient’s commitment to making sure they’re worn regularly.

4) Dental Health is Improved

Adults who grind their teeth or have problems flossing frequently have teeth that aren’t aligned well. This leads to biting of the inner lip, poorer digestion, and buildup of plaque and tartar. With straighter teeth comes more even tooth wear, leading to longer tooth longevity into your golden years.

5) Adult Braces are Convenient

No matter if you’re running a business or working hard to care of the kids, adult braces are convenient. The adult mouth is readily able to be evaluated and scanned with advanced diagnostic procedures for quick and easy protocols to be decided upon by your orthodontic team. Less difficulty with braces means fewer appointments and bureaucracy, leaving you with more time to go about your life.

6) You’ll Love Your New Smile

When you finally get your braces removed, you’ll see how the process was all worth it in the end. Your appearance will be balanced, your smile will be pristine, and you’ll want to show it off to everyone you meet. Studies show that adults who’ve undergone braces treatment have more confidence and better feelings of self-worth. Rocking a straight set of pearly whites not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it also makes others see you in a better light.

Get Adult Braces Treatment with Frugé Orthodontics

Don’t allow others or your inner worries stop you from getting braces as an adult. It’s always the right time to start working on the smile of your dreams. Avoid painful mouth issues and expensive future dental interventions by taking care of your oral health now rather than putting it off indefinitely. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, contact the adult braces experts at Frugé Orthodontics today!