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Fruge Orthodontics has been delivering smiles via braces in Gonzales for decades. Innumerable dental issues, benign and painful, have been corrected with the skilled labor of our caring staff. Even though braces are not considered by many to be their favorite fashion accessory, they understand that braces provide them with oral health and functionality for the long run.

Gum disease, already a concerning problem in Americans, is prevented by braces in the long run. Braces will move your teeth into proper positioning for easy flossing and brushing. Without their efforts, food is much more likely to become stuck in crevices in the mouth and cause issues over time.

Tooth decay is also a common problem that is addressed by braces. Since we believe in preventative oral health, protecting the enamel layer on your teeth is our primary concern when preventing tooth and gum rot. There is only so much dense enamel on each tooth before it is permanently eroded. Braces will prevent the buildup of excess acids and harmful bacteria that enjoy malaligned teeth and snug places.

Bone erosion is a less common dental problem in America, but it’s still something prevented with the good implementation of braces. Long-entrenched bacteria or frequent oral grinding will wear away at the jaw. This can cause strain injuries, protruding teeth, and even cracks. Accidents only compound the bad outcomes; people with bad jaws and misaligned teeth are more likely to be harmed by impact-related accidents like falls.

People getting braces in Gonzales have elevated their self-image, too. Although challenging to talk about for some, sporting a crooked smile can put a damper on wanting to smile at all in the first place. This can lead to a disproportionately aligned jaw, especially in younger people, if left untreated.

Braces will slowly help with aligning the jaw, especially in populations like children who are still undergoing the process of jaw development. By rebalancing the teeth and encouraging proper bone directional growth, will also prevent bad bite patterns and malocclusions that make chewing food thoroughly difficult. As chewing is essential to the digestive system’s later work, making sure that it can be done easily and without pain is a must.

There are three main types of corrective braces in Gonzales that we use:

  • Damon brackets work via a self-ligation mechanism that allows wires to slide freely without steel ties or elastic.
  • Ceramic braces that match the natural appearance of teeth to reduce the obviousness of their appearance.
  • Invisalign braces that are a clear bracket meant to be removed as needed, created especially for your mouth, which adjusts teeth over time.

Are you in need of braces around the Gonzales area to address new or longstanding oral issues? Reach out to our knowledgeable staff of the best braces experts in the state to start taking care of your smile today!