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Can Braces Fix an Underbite?

Can Braces Fix an Underbite - Orthodontist Baton Rouge Orthodontist

When it comes to orthodontic concerns, an underbite stands out as a common issue that affects both aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. This condition, where the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth, often prompts questions about effective treatment options. When it comes to the complexities of the mouth, trust Frugé Orthodontics to see if braces can remedy an underbite.

Understanding Underbites

An underbite, medically known as prognathism, is not solely a cosmetic concern. It can complicate everyday activities like speaking and eating and is often rooted in genetics, developmental factors, or early childhood habits. Addressing the causes of underbites is essential in formulating a treatment plan with an experienced orthodontist nearby like Frugé Orthodontics.

Braces and Underbite Correction

Braces are a cornerstone in orthodontic treatments, widely recognized for their ability to straighten teeth and resolve bite issues. For those with underbites, braces can be a promising solution, particularly effective in mild to moderate cases. They function by gradually shifting teeth into better alignment, thus correcting the jaw positioning over time.

Different Types of Braces for Underbites

1) Traditional Metal Braces: The most common type, effective in correcting severe underbites. They offer precision and control in moving teeth into the desired position.

2) Ceramic Braces: Similar to metal braces in function but aesthetically more pleasing due to their tooth-colored brackets.

3) Lingual Braces: Attached to the back of the teeth, lingual braces are nearly invisible and can be used in underbite correction, though they may not be suitable for severe cases.

4) Invisalign: A series of clear, removable aligners. While Invisalign can be effective for mild underbites, its ability to correct severe underbites is limited compared to traditional braces.

Comprehensive Treatment Approaches

Severe underbites may require a combination of braces and bands with other orthodontic appliances or even surgical procedures in adult patients. Frugé Orthodontics provides a personalized approach to each case, ensuring the best possible outcome for our patients regardless of the severity of their overbites.

Benefits of Treating Underbites

Correcting an underbite goes beyond aesthetic improvement. It enhances oral hygiene, reduces the risk of dental issues, and improves functionality in speaking and eating. Patients often experience a significant boost in self-confidence and overall quality of life, not to mention the reduction or elimination of pain.

Treat Your Underbite at Frugé Orthodontics

Our team stays at the forefront of orthodontic advancements, offering state-of-the-art treatments. We are committed to providing personalized care, ensuring each patient receives the most effective and efficient treatment plan.

Addressing an underbite is a critical step towards improving your oral health and well-being. With various braces options available, Frugé Orthodontics is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Call or email us for a consultation, and let us guide you on your journey to a more functional mouth and a straighter smile.