What is an underbite?

Underbite | Fruge Orthodontics

Do you ever feel like you have a bull-dog-like appearance when you smile? If this is something you see when looking in the mirror, then you may have an underbite. An underbite is a condition where the lower teeth extend farther than the upper front teeth. This creates an unpleasant appearance and, in severe cases, causes several problems. Some problems associated with a severe underbite include difficulty biting, chewing, speaking, and mouth or face pain.


A number of things can cause an underbite. One cause for an underbite is childhood habits, such as thumb sucking, pushing on the teeth with the tongue, using a pacifier past the age of three, and bottle feeding past infant years. More often than not, genetics is the leading cause of an underbite. Lastly, some injuries to the jawbone can cause an underbite.


To treat an underbite, an orthodontist would need to align the teeth correctly. You can also remove one or more teeth on the lower jaw to help improve the underbite. Whatever the solution is, Fruge Orthodontics is dedicated to helping you improve your smile and quality of life.

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While an underbite is less common than the overbite, it still has a negative effect on one's self-esteem and quality of life. Visiting Fruge Orthodontics can help you alleviate the troubles associated with an underbite. Once you correct an underbite cleaning, your teeth will become more manageable, and risks such as tooth decay and gum disease will decrease. Correcting an underbite also eliminates the strain you might feel on your teeth and jaws.

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