What is TMJ?

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TMJ is the shortened form of temporomandibular joint pain. The joint behaves like a biological hinge around your ear that connects your jawbone and skull together. Both sides of your jaw have a joint that has the potential to radiate pain into the muscles around it. TMJ treatment in Gonzales is recommended for those experiencing discomfort around said muscles in everyday life.

What Causes TMJ?

The exact reasons for TMJ are quite speculative and can vary from person to person. The discomfort that you might have could be from a blend of issues such as injury, arthritis, or genetics.

Those who experience jawbone discomfort are generally habitual teeth grinders. This process, known as bruxism, is actually quite common, and not all people who clench their teeth will necessarily develop TMJ.

How is TMJ Diagnosed?

After going through your symptom history, your doctor will examine your mouth and jaw. They will put pressure on areas around your jawbone and muscles to see how you feel during and after. They will also investigate any peculiar noises that your jaw makes and check how wide and flexible your jaw is. The doctor may also ask for an x-ray, MRI, or other diagnostic tests to be performed. It’s imperative for those seeking TMJ treatment in Gonzales to select a doctor with tact and skill to treat something so impactful to daily living.

What are the Symptoms of TMJ?

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The signs and symptoms of TMJ are generally simple to identify and can include:

  1. Locking and clicking in the jaw
  2. Facial pain
  3. Pain when eating
  4. Aches around the ear
  5. Tenderness around the face
  6. Discomfort in your temporomandibular joint

Preparing for Your TMJ Appointment

There are several treatments for TMJ in Gonzales and the surrounding areas that will eliminate your joint and facial pains for good. Pain relievers bought over the counter, such as anti-inflammatories, are TMJ medications that can be used to temporarily address symptoms. Mouthguards and oral splints are wonderful at preventing excessive teeth grinding or clenching. Counseling is also an option to help you to decompress and reduce tension in the head and neck muscles.

Surgical procedures are TMJ treatments in Gonzales that can be performed in severe cases and when recommended by your doctor. The procedure can vary from injections and open-joint surgery to arthrocentesis and a modified condylotomy. More options are available depending on your level of TMJ and the results of the testing battery.

If you’re ready to ditch TMJ pain once and for all and are in or around the Gonzales area, the professionals at Fruge Orthodontics are eager to help you regain control over your life. Reach out to our caring staff today to learn more about TMJ treatments and to make an appointment.

TMJ Treatments in Denham Springs

There are several treatments for resolving TMJ in Denham Springs and the surrounding areas. Anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers prescribed by your doctor can be used to control sudden onsets of pain. Mouthguards and oral splints can prevent you from harsh teeth clenching. You can also undergo counseling to lower your stress levels to reduce tension in your head, neck, and jaw.

Surgical procedures for TMJ in Denham Springs are also possible solutions. Open-joint surgery, arthrocentesis, joint injections, and more can be used depending on your evaluation results.

If you’re sick of suffering from TMJ pain and are in or around the Denham Springs area, Fruge Orthodontics is ready to help you regain balance in your life. Reach out to our sympathetic staff today to hear about available appointment slots, so you don’t need to suffer from TMJ another day longer!