James F Frugé, DDS

Baton Rouge Orthodontist - Dr. James Frugé

Welcome to our practice! I’m Dr. James Frugé, although I am known around our office as Dr. Jim. I attended Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, where I graduated with honors and attained both my DDS and specialty certificate in orthodontics. Orthodontics has grown into a family practice where I have the pleasure of working daily with my brother, André, and my son, Bradley. I am very proud of our practice and all of the changes and transformations we have seen in our patients over the years. Having the ability to improve a person’s health and watch them gain self-confidence truly gives you a special feeling.


I am a board-certified orthodontist with 30+ years of clinical experience. Aside from my clinical practice, I have taught graduate level orthodontics at LSU where I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience.

I lecture on the latest advances in orthodontics and am a published author in the American Journal of Orthodontics. I’m always striving to improve our practice and stay abreast of the latest technological changes. We use statistical analysis in our practice to continually strive to reduce our patients’ treatment time in braces and maximize quality. I have had the pleasure of treating numerous dentists and their families, which we feel is the ultimate compliment.


In the office, we love to laugh and interact with our patients! We always want to know what’s going on in their lives at each appointment, and we take the time to catch up and build connections with each patient. Our team enjoys doing high quality work. The staff loves feeling that we provide not only the best orthodontics but also exceptional service. We take pride in being the best!


My wife, Louise, and I have three grown children, Bradley, Ryan and Ellen. We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Will and Tucker, who are our only two family members still living at home. I am an avid golfer and love fly fishing, cooking, and LSU sports. Louise and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our family, especially our sweet granddaughter, Camille.

James F Frugé