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Fruge Orthodontics is happy to provide Invisalign in Gonzales and the surrounding areas! Invisalign is a special teeth-straightening solution for those seeking to fix their smile without resorting to traditional brackets and wires. Custom-molded, durable plastic is engineered to appear smooth and clear so as to blend into your mouth seamlessly. Invisalign mouthpieces are swapped out every two weeks in order for a new set to move teeth further along into their proper positions under the trained eye of an experienced orthodontist.

It's critical to make sure that Invisalign is the correct treatment for your own dental desires. Most patients opting for Invisalign in Gonzales will have the same results as if using traditional braces to align their teeth. However, severe spacing issues or a canted jawline can mean Invisalign cannot be used. Thankfully, Invisalign providers in Gonzales, such as Fruge Orthodontics, utilize a 3D image of your whole mouth and how it operates in order to properly evaluate your eligibility for the program. This also is helpful for seeing how your teeth have and will progress throughout the Invisalign process.

The secret behind your seemingly magically straightening teeth will remain a mystery so long as you don't remove your Invisalign in view. Worn for approximately 22 hours each day, even while sleeping, our Gonzales-based Invisalign straightener has the potential to perfect your smile out in as short a time as 20 weeks. It needs to be removed during teeth cleaning, which is still very important to the health of your mouth and also while you're eating.

If you leave your Invisalign in your mouth while consuming certain beverages or smoking, you can expect to see that reflected in your current mold. Heavy smoking and coffee use will see the clear Invisalign start to stain a yellowish color over time. If you are worried about having a yellow smile until your next Invisalign set arrives, then it's a good habit to avoid food that stains. The rule goes that if it would normally stain your exposed teeth, then it will stain your Invisalign.

Invisalign in Gonzales has been praised for its comfort compared to traditional braces. Rather than having a mouthful of metal causing painful canker sores and abrasions, you'll have a smooth, custom-molded plastic that is delicate against the sensitive tissues of your mouth. Not only is it easy to snap off and on, but their use also keeps your oral hygiene routine akin to those who don't have braces. Traditional metal braces in Gonzales can sometimes be a chore to clean around, as many popcorn lovers can attest.

Despite all of the benefits of Invisalign in Gonzales, there are a few other things that need to be considered before moving forward. Invisalign is generally costlier than traditional braces, and it won't be able to adjust the heights of each tooth in relationship with one another. If you're a lover of coffee, a heavy smoker, or like to eat staining and acidic foods, then the odds of having a "messier" smile for the duration of your treatment will be higher. If your Invisalign becomes weaker as the binding breaks down, then it will set you back both time and money as another repeated cycle of treatment will be needed to get your teeth on track. Rarely there have been incidents of the unique type of plastic in Invisalign causing gum irritation.

If you've been looking for a method to straighten your teeth in Gonzales and beyond, then Invisalign might be just the process to get you the smile of your dreams. Ditch the worry about painful, bulky braces and reach out to the Invisalign experts at Fruge Orthodontics today!