Do Clear Braces Take Longer to Work Than Traditional Braces?

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Several children and adults alike make use of clear braces in Gonzales. They might feel as though traditional metal braces draw too much attention to their mouths and cause people to stare. Those with younger faces are sometimes worried that their braces will make them appear immature. However, the options for clear braces in Gonzales have never been more plentiful, and you’ll want to consider their benefits for your orthodontic needs.

Treatment Time Using Clear Braces

The simplest way to find out how long you’ll need to wear clear braces is to ask your orthodontist. Once your teeth have been examined, you’ll get a treatment estimation for using clear braces usually ranging between 12 and 36 months. Traditional metal braces average out to around 20 months, but they can easily extend to 36 months as well and beyond depending on the orthodontic issues they’re correcting.

Are Clear Braces Worth It?

If you are a good candidate for clear braces in Gonzales, then you’ll be able to take advantage of the aesthetics that come along with them. Many adults feel less anxious about addressing dental concerns when they have the opportunity to select clear braces rather than traditional metal ones. This is beneficial because the longer it takes to treat any orthodontic issues, the worse they can become over time.

Your teeth can wear down much faster if your bite is uneven. Your gum line can recede from lack of flossing if you can’t manage to get in between each tooth adequately. If you don’t use clear braces to correct your teeth, then you will also never have that aesthetic smile you’ve been seeking. Ask your orthodontist near Gonzales about braces options.

Caring for Clear Braces

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Clear braces can sometimes be impacted more by what you eat. Many spices have traditionally been used as dyes, so of course enough exposure to them for a long enough period of time can impact both your teeth and your braces.

If you are a smoker, then you can develop smoke stains on your braces that can be difficult to remove. In general, it’s better to ditch smoking for more than just aesthetic reasons, but it’s something to consider that might give you a bit of extra motivation to ditch the habit for good.

Clear braces can also be more delicate than traditional metal braces because they are typically made of a kind of ceramic material. Ceramic braces cause more friction with brackets and wires, and this can slow down tooth movement.

Clear Braces in Gonzales

Clear braces can take longer to work than metal braces, just like they can take shorter to work. For many patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, the benefits of clear braces outweigh the maintenance or other concerns while wearing them.

Are you ready to straighten your smile with clear braces in Gonzales? Then reach out to our staff at Fruge Orthodontics to make your perfect grin a reality!