Why you should avoid mail order orthodontics

mail order orthodontics

Recently, we've seen a trend in mail order orthodontics - where you get orthodontic smile trays delivered to you instead of seeing an orthodontist. While this may seem convenient, you should always opt to see an orthodontist in person for the best quality treatment. Here's why a professional orthodontist is always the best choice when straightening your teeth.

Orthodontists treat complex dental problems

Mail order orthodontics just don't have the same technology to be able to treat very complex problems. Your orthodontist has a much broader range of treatment options available to them that they can use on your teeth. This means that you will get a much more effective treatment, and you won't have to go back and see an orthodontist later on.

Orthodontists provide a more personalized approach

When you see someone in person to get your braces or trays done, they have the ability to really look at your teeth, jaw, and mouth to find potential problems. They can also talk to you directly about any pain or discomfort your teeth may be causing you, so that they can find the best possible treatment. Additionally, they can take your personal preferences and lifestyle into account when choosing the orthodontic treatment that would be most appropriate for you.

Mail order orthodontics often result in mistakes

When you use mail-order orthodontics, you take your impressions yourself and then send them into the company to get your trays made. Since you are creating the impressions on your own, you have a much higher chance of making a mistake than a professional would. This can lead to issues with your overall treatment program and cause problems down the line.

Instead of using mail-order orthodontics, take the time to visit your local orthodontist. Although it may require a bit more effort, the overall result you will receive from being treated by a Board Certified Orthodontist is worth your time. You'll get straighter, healthier teeth much more efficiently than you would by using mail-order orthodontics. A professional orthodontist can also ensure you are comfortable through the entire treatment and take your personal preferences and conditions into account.