What is a deep bite?

What is a deep bite? - What is a deep bite?

If your bite doesn't have the correct placement, it can cause alignment issues, and lead to more serious problems affecting your teeth and gums. It can also affect your smile and overall appearance. Patients who have deep bites should discuss the available options with their orthodontists to have it corrected. If left untreated, a deep bite can cause serious damage to both your teeth and gums.

Deep Bite: What is it?
When your upper teeth close over your lower teeth, you have a condition known as a deep bite. This can also happen if your upper jaw is bigger or you have misaligned or missing teeth on your lower jaw. The affliction can also be caused by an overly small lower jaw or muscular tightness in your jaw. The misplacement results in two rows of teeth that are right on top of each other; this causes a lot of wear and tear and damage to both rows of teeth.

Problems Caused by a Deep Bite
Whatever the cause, a deep bite can cause a number of problems if it's not corrected. When you have a deep bite it can cause your teeth to wear down. This will also contribute to difficulties with eating and chewing. The gums are also affected, on both the top and the bottom of the mouth. This, in turn, will cause problems with eating, and if not addressed effectively, your gums can wear away.

Deep Bite Correction
Orthodontic methods, typically braces, are used to correct deep bites. If the condition is present and addressed at an early age, retainers and other appliances may be sufficient to fix the problem. If you have a deep bite, the best thing is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist and have your bite realigned.

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