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Popular Braces Colors for Girls

Popular Braces Colors for GIrls

An interesting fact is that the demand for colorful braces has only gone up year after year. If you’re looking for some of the best braces colors for girls, then stylish folks at Fruge Orthodontics have you covered. We’ve matched braces colors with those seeking to accent their skin tones, the themes of the decade, and even their wardrobes! Colorful braces have the potential to enhance the beauty of your budding-new smile and show off your unique personality.

What are the Best Colors for a Girl’s Braces?

First and foremost, the best color for your braces is one that will have you smiling in the mirror in the morning. However, for those seeking a bit of inspiration, popular requests have been:

  • Pink, muted crimson, silver, dark purple, and pale blue for those with lighter skin tones
  • Violet, dark blue, and turquoise have been popular braces colors in recent years for those with darker skin tones
  • Neon colors for those seeking a more retro look from the past
  • High school colors for girls wanting to show off their hometown pride
  • State colors for girls who are looking to head off to college
  • Seasonal colors that celebrate the changes in the weather and the holiday seasons
  • Clear braces for those who want to have a more neutral mouth appearance

The two most popular colors for braces for girls across all demographics have consistently been purple and red shades.

Matching Braces Colors with Makeup

One thing that’s fun to try is matching your makeup and lipstick combinations with your new braces. Generally, darker colors will match with darker makeup, and lighter colors will match with lighter makeup. However, we encourage you to get creative with your self-presentation, so feel free to experiment with the entire rainbow to show off that smile you’ve been working so hard on!

Embrace Your Smile at Fruge Orthodontics

Different colors of braces will be popular amongst different people for different reasons. Since color and artistry are two of the most common ways for girls to express their personalities, it’s only natural to incorporate popular braces colors in turn. If you’re looking to improve the overall look and function of your smile, reach out to the kind folks at Fruge Orthodontics today and schedule an appointment.