What is the Most Popular Color for Braces in 2020?

Most popular colors for braces in 2020

A note for the braces-wearer in your house!

You can’t change the metal tones of your braces but you CAN get creative with the rubber band colors every time they get changed! Make it a fun event by choosing the color that suits you at the time. Feeling natural and mellow? Try a peaceful green shade. Energized and excited? Go for that vibrant red or pink! Whatever color “speaks to you” at your visit to Fruge Orthodontics, let us know and we’ll get your braces looking great.

Here are some popular band colors predicted for 2020:

  1. Navy Blue: When you feel like sporting this classic, tasteful shade, feel confident it will match nearly any outfit or accessory you wear. Nothing beats traditional navy blue when it comes to time-honored sophistication.
  2. Burgundy: Another mature choice, this deep red tone is sure to be a hit for 2020. It has a rich and appealing aesthetic that many people really like. It’s just vibrant enough to get some attention but subdued enough to give a mature flair to your braces.
  3. Hot Pink: Some days, you just want to say, “Hey, let’s have some FUN!” Extroverts are sure to embrace this energizing color choice at some of their regular visits.
  4. Teal: Bring this soothing shade, reminiscent of ocean waves, right into your mouth. It’s an eye-pleaser -- and deep blue shades like this do tend to make teeth appear whiter. It looks great on nearly every skin-tone, too.
  5. Emerald: Not just for St. Patrick’s Day anymore, emerald green is a happy shade any time of year. It evokes thoughts of bright lawns and foliage, the healthy elements in nature. Celebrate spring or anything with emerald bands.
  6. White: Sometimes, you simply want to go back to basics. A fresh, clean white band can get you there. These work best against teeth that are pretty white, too. When you really want a bright white change, give it a try.

Learn more about color options -- and further information about all the facets of kids’ braces at Fruge Orthodontics. We love informing and chatting with new clients, as well as our treasured current patients. Get in touch today!