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Orthodontic Records

Orthodontic progress photos

Before you begin your orthodontic treatment you may we wondering why it’s necessary to have x-rays, photos, and models taken.

These tools help the doctor to fully evaluate your teeth, jaws and bite. In some cases, the jaws are misaligned causing the bite to close improperly.

Orthodontic Records

Models help the doctor examine the position of your bite when you are not at the office so he can plan the best course of treatment.

Orthodontic Records

Other individuals have issues with teeth missing, so the x-rays are imperative to let the doctor know where those teeth are located, and if it’s possible to pull them down to the correct position.

Regardless of the issue you are having corrected–crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, etc.–records are a valuable tool in allowing the doctors to give you the best results possible.