Online vs "Live" Orthodontics

Online Orthodontist Baton Rouge

Many people are turning to online orthodontic services as they are often advertised as just as effective but at a much lower cost. Unfortunately, these claims are often untrue and can end up costing you more money in the long run. Frugé Orthodontics is here to provide all of your orthodontic services with a personal touch!

Benefits of An In-Person Orthodontist

Braces and other orthodontic devices do more than just straighten your teeth. They also help to realign your bite and correct any jaw issues. Orthodontists also deal with impacted teeth and utilize their exams to also look for signs of tooth decay.

At your initial consultation, you will undergo a complete examination. When necessary, x-rays will be taken and a mold will be made of your mouth. As you progress through your customized treatment, your progress will be carefully measured and any refinements and adjustments will be made immediately. Without these steps, you can cause irreversible damage to your mouth, teeth, and overall dental health.

Orthodontics is not a "one size fits all" type of service. Every treatment plan is personalized and is carefully watched to make sure that it is yielding the results that you desire. Using straightening devices that you order online can have disastrous effects. Imagine if your realignment protocol is wrong from the start and you end up with teeth that are more crooked than when you started!

Working with an experienced and professional team like that of Frugé Orthodontics can guarantee that you get the proper attention and care that you deserve.

Are you considering braces or another orthodontic treatment? Call Frugé Orthodontics today to schedule your initial consultation.