New Appointment Procedure

New Appointment Procedure

We've updated our appointment procedures!

1. Brush your teeth before you arrive.
Our brushing stations will be closed during this time.

2. Text us the patient's name when you arrive.
You can reach us at 844-268-3629.

3. Stay in your car and review the health questions.
You can find these questions HERE.

4. Wait for us to text you to come inside.
When it is time for you to enter the office, we will send you a text back.

5. After your visit, we will text you your next appointment date and time.

We would like our patients to know that we request all parents to wear a mask if they are entering the clinic with their children. This protects our patients, parents, doctors, and staff. If you have a mask of your own, please bring it with you. If not, we are happy to give you one.

Thank you so much, we appreciate you!