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What is the Most Popular Color for Braces in 2022?

Braces Colors Fruge Orthodontics

A few tips for the braces-sporting folks in your home!

Even though you can’t change the tones of your metal braces, you’re able to get creative with the colors of the rubber bands on them every time they need to be swapped out! You can make the event more exciting by choosing a shade of color that matches how you’re feeling at the time.

Feeling full of vim and vigor? Select a vibrant shade of pink or red! Feeling relaxed and mellowed-out? Choosing a restful shade of green or blue will suit the mood. No matter what color you pick, make sure that it’s one that truly “speaks” to your emotions while getting your braces serviced at Fruge Orthodontics.

Some of the Most Popular Colors For Braces in 2022 Are Currently

Leafy Green

Not just for the Christmas season; select forest green braces to invoke the happiness and renewal of springtime all year round!

Vanilla White

Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream for a good reason: it’s a classic that’s adaptable and goes with everything. White braces remind one of freshness and cleanliness while also blending in well with the natural shade of your teeth.

Braces Colors Fruge Orthodontics

Deep Red

A sophisticated burgundy, almost crimson in its appearance, has become a popular color of braces in 2022 because of its stand-out richness. It’s also still soft enough to deliver a touch of maturity.

Cool Blue

Like ocean waters under the sparkling summer sun, blue braces are a real eye-pleaser for anyone looking to embrace their inner surfer or scuba diver no matter the time of year!

Passionate Pink

When you want your braces to shout, “It’s time to party!” Embrace the playful color of passionate pink braces to express your extroverted personality every time you flash a smile.

Are you ready to get experimenting with the most popular colors for braces in 2022? Reach out to the braces experts at Fruge Orthodontics today to hear more about your options!