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Most Popular Colors for Braces

Most Popular Colors for Braces - Most Popular Colors for Braces

When it comes to braces, the traditional metal braces are the most suitable for children. Today, braces for kids are a bit more fun than they used to be which helps the youngsters get through the treatment with less apprehension. The braces come with bands that run around each bracket and these bands come in many different colors. Children today, enjoy picking the colors they like the most and can change them on every appointment if they choose to. Here are four common color options that kids usually choose:

The Most Popular Color Integration
There are color integrations that have become especially popular for kids’ braces in 2019. These colors are universal matches that make braces look like accessories and they always alternate. The first most popular combination is green/blue and red. The second one is green/red and yellow.

1. Gold and Yellow
Gold and yellow are two of the most popular colors for kids’ braces in 2019. The popularity of gold and yellow does not stem from being the prettiest but from the fact that they can easily muffle the glaring aspects of braces like the wires. The two colors also go well with lighter hair and lighter skin tones, which make braces, seem less foreign in your mouth and more appealing.

2. Orange
Skin tone often plays an essential role in the colors children pick for their braces. Kids with darker skin tones generally go with darker complementary colors, and orange appears to be the best fit. Considering kids are more generous with their dressing, orange complements different clothing colors which means that kids do not have to worry about which colors to wear and which ones not to.

3. Green and Blue
Green and blue are strong popular colors this year. The colors come in varying shades. Kids are more attracted to green and blue because of how unique and appealing they are and how easily they can be integrated with other colors.

4. Red and Pink
For teen girls, the best color choices are those that complement their favorite lipsticks. Pink is generally worn consistently and red is usually worn with another shade in an alternating fashion.

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