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What is the Most Popular Color for Braces in 2021?

Colored Braces | Frugé Orthodontics

A tip for the braces-wearers in your home!

Although you cannot change the metal tones of your braces, it IS possible to get fancy with the colors of the rubber bands each time they’re swapped out! Make the event a fun one by selecting the shade of color that suits your personality at the time.

Feeling excited and energized? Pick out a vibrant red or pink! Feeling chill and mellow? Select a restful shade of green. No matter the color, make sure it’s one that “speaks” to your emotions at the time during your visit to Fruge Orthodontics. We’ll get your teeth styled in no time!

Some of the most popular colors for braces in 2021 so far are:

Deep-Sea Blue

A tasteful, classic shade of navy, a deep blue will make you feel regal and confident. It goes with almost any accessory or outfit that you can think of; nothing quite matches its commanding presence when you smile!

Bright Pink

When you want your smile to shout, “let’s have some fun!” Embrace the bubbly color of bright pink braces to show off your extroverted nature or mood.

What are the Most Popular Colors for Braces in 2021?

Forest Green

Not just for the holidays; choose emerald green braces to give off the happiness of spring all year round!

Teal Blue

Reminiscent of a sunny day at the beach, teal braces will be an eye-pleaser for everyone who seeks to embrace their inner starfish and layout in the sun’s rays!

Ivory White

Anything but basic, classic white is not only reminiscent of cleanliness and freshness but blends in with the natural coloring of your teeth. They generally work the best against teeth that are already fairly white, to begin with.

Burgundy Red

Another sophisticated option for braces in 2021, this crimson-like red is appealing due to its richness. It stands out enough to garner some nice attention, but it’s still subdued enough to give a little bit of maturity to your braces.

Interested in experimenting with the most popular colors for braces in 2021? Reach out for a chat with the experts at Fruge Orthodontics today to learn more about your options!