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What is the Most Popular Color for Braces in 2023?

Popular Braces Colors for 2023 | Frugé Orthodontics

Even though you’re unable to change the metallic tone of your metal braces, you can express your creativity with the colors of the rubber bands on them each time they need to be swapped out! You can even personalize your smile by choosing braces colors that help express your emotions and feelings.

Feeling full of zest and energy? Choose a vibrant shade of red or pink. Feeling chill and mellow? Pick a comfy shade of green or blue to match your mood. Regardless of your choice of braces colors, make sure that what you land on speaks to your emotions while getting your dental health handled by the pros at Frugé Orthodontics.

The Most Popular Braces Colors in 2023 Are Currently:

White Cream

Creamy vanilla has always been a favorite of the masses for good reasons; it’s a classic color that goes well with nearly every wardrobe. White braces are reminiscent of newness and cleanliness while also blending well with your well-brushed teeth.

Ruby Red

Choose a sophisticated red color for braces to really stand out from the rest. Red is a popular choice of braces colors in 2023 thanks to their richness while delivering a sense of maturity.

Green Wilderness

Green braces represent renewal and new beginnings, making them a perfect choice of color for braces in the current year. Invoke the renewing vigor of springtime year-round!

Friendly Pink

When it’s time to have some fun, pink braces really show their full potential. Pink braces advertise a playful personality that’s always willing to make a new friend each time you smile.

Relaxing Blue

Like a calm lake during the summer, blue braces are soothing while offering a unique appearance that makes wearers stand out from the crowd. For those seeking to embrace their inner swimmer, blue braces do the trick any time of year!

Do you want to start experimenting with the most popular colors for braces in 2023? Contact the braces experts at Fruge Orthodontics today to customize your pearly whites!