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How Long Will My Braces Hurt?

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Remember: mild pain or discomfort is a completely normal experience while wearing braces. Typically, the discomfort will be at its worst after your braces have first been applied or adjusted. You can expect your discomfort to diminish within about four days to a week.

Why Do Braces Hurt?

Braces hurt because they create pressure in your mouth as they attempt to shift your teeth into an ideal alignment. Modern braces are designed to alleviate discomfort as much as possible, but the process by which braces work makes some soreness inevitable for most patients.

Do Rubber Bands Hurt to Change?

Rubber bands for braces allow them to put additional pressure on problematic teeth so that they get into place. Just like with other braces procedures, the most discomfort is usually experienced during the first day or so when they are added or changed. Your mouth will adjust to the added pressure quickly.

4 Ways to Make Braces Hurt Less

If you’re looking for ways to make braces hurt less, then you’re in luck. The local orthodontic experts at Fruge Orthodontics have put together some handy tips to help keep your mouth feeling comfortable for the duration of your braces treatment.

1) Ice Your Gums

Ice packs will deliver the same kind of benefits to your teeth as they would for sore muscles elsewhere in your body. You can use ice packs for about 20 minutes at a time, twice a day, to alleviate pain.

2) Eat Softer Foods

While you’re wearing your braces, foods like soup, soft noodles, mashed potatoes, and yogurt will be your best friends. Cold foods like ice cream also serve to take away some of the inflammation.

3) Take Pain Medication

When your braces hurt, sometimes medicine like Advil can do the trick. However, you will want to make sure that your orthodontist approves of your use of these medications in advance. Be sure to bring them up during your visit.

4) Use Braces Wax

Wires and brackets tend to irritate the cheeks the most, so using wax for braces is a great way to lessen braces pain. The soft barrier created between your braces and your mouth will help protect sensitive tissues. However, you will need to add additional braces wax each time you brush your teeth, eat food, or take in a lot of fluids that could wash the wax away.

Get Top-Quality Braces Treatment at Fruge Orthodontics

Nobody likes a painful mouth just like nobody likes crooked teeth. Make sure to avoid both with the help of our orthodontics nearby your area that care about patient comfort as much as they care about your oral health. Reach out to Fruge Orthodontics today to learn more about getting the perfect, functional smile you’ve always wanted.