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How long does the average person have to wear braces?

how long do I have to wear braces

When an individual gets braces, one of their most troubling questions is regarding the length of time they should wear them. Although there is no exact duration that a person should wear braces, on average, braces are worn between 18 months to three years.

Several factors affect how long you have to wear braces:

1. Dental hygiene- Good dental hygiene plays a critical role in the healing process as it prevents the build-up of bacteria around your teeth. Adhering to the orthodontist’s dental hygiene instructions is critical in improving the healing process and lowers the duration required to wear braces.

2. An individual's response to treatment- People respond differently to treatments and the healing period differs from one person to another. Individuals with quick recovery wear braces for a shorter duration and vice versa.

3. Type of braces- Ceramic braces are worn for a longer duration compared to metal braces since they are less strong.

4. Age- Age determines the healing process which affects the length of time it will take to wear the braces. Younger individuals respond to treatment faster than aging people which reduces the length of time they have to wear braces. It is recommended that you start your first appointment with an orthodontist at an early age if you need dental health treatment to shorten the time you may require to wear braces.

Since the length of time to wear braces differs, it is important to consult the orthodontist. The orthodontist will advise the best braces for your teeth that delivers the best results. However, since it is a process that cannot be rushed, you should exercise patience and follow the orthodontic instructions to improve recovery.

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