Home Remedies for Orthodontic Irritation

home remedies for sore mouth from braces

Getting adjusted to your new braces takes some time, and the first few days can be uncomfortable. As you get acclimated to your braces or appliance, you may experience some level of discomfort.

Your mouth will typically be sore for 3-5 days after getting your braces on and after adjustments. During this period we recommend switching to a semi-soft diet, which involves chewing, but on softer foods. This is so you can continue to exercise the periodontal ligaments that are causing the soreness. The more you chew the more they stretch, and the quicker the discomfort will subside.

Follow these at-home tips that can help you get through periods of discomfort and irritation:

Tylenol or Advil can help to relieve pain if it grows beyond the discomfort stage. These pain relievers should only be used as necessary, and if any pain or discomfort becomes persistent, give our office a call so we can check it out.
Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water will help to heal any sores inside your mouth more quickly. This practice can also provide temporary relief from your discomfort.
Orthodontic wax is another effective way to relieve the pain and discomfort that brackets or wires can cause. If you have a wire poking the side of your mouth, a bracket rubbing a sore, or an appliance causing irritation, simply tear off a piece of the wax and apply to the area that is causing the discomfort, to protect your mouth and gums.

Although getting adjusted to your new braces takes some time and can be a little uncomfortable at first, the process will be well worth it in the end! When your orthodontic journey is complete, you will be able to greet the world with a new beautiful smile! In addition to the cosmetic perks of straight teeth, their proper alignment will help to decrease the likelihood of more serious dental problems in the future.