Are Braces Making Your Morning Breath Worse?

breath stinks with braces

Bad breath is a common problem that many people deal with every day. The issue can be more prominent for people wearing braces, as bad breath tends to be more pronounced in the morning.

Here, we'll look at what causes bad breath in the morning and why it's much worse for people with braces.

Causes of Bad Breath in the Morning

Bad breath in the morning is basically caused by a dry mouth. When we fall asleep at night, our bodies slow the production of saliva naturally, thereby causing bacteria to thrive. The end result of bacteria having a field day in our mouths is the production of sulfur gas, which has a foul smell.

Why Wearing Braces Worsens Your Breath in the Morning

People with braces often experience worse bouts of bad breath in the morning. This is because such people are affected by bacteria more as it's harder to remove all food particles from the mouth, even if proper oral hygiene is observed.

How to Combat Morning Breath

Combating morning breath is easy and straightforward if you don’t have braces on. A normal brushing and flossing regimen should fix your problem. However, if you have braces on, then you may have to take extra measures to prevent bad morning breath.

For one, brushing at least twice a day and flossing your teeth before you go to bed helps to reduce the impact of bacteria in your mouth when you are asleep. In addition, rinsing your mouth with drinking water before you sleep and when you wake up also reduces bad breath in the morning.

If you follow all these tips but continue to have bad breath in the morning, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist for further evaluation.

If you feel that your breath is worsening due to your braces, the dental experts at Fruge Orthodontics are available to recommend techniques that will help you! Contact us at 225-292-6991 today!