Colored Bands to Suit Every Style

bracket band colors

For many orthodontic patients, colored bands, or as we call them – Power O’s, are added for fun! They're replaced every time you visit the orthodontist, so you can switch them up to suit your personal style. Here are some fun ideas to keep in mind when choosing the colors for your Power O’s:

Clean and classy
For many people who have braces, especially older patients, the main goal when choosing colored bands is something that looks sleek and won't be too noticeable. Silver or grey bands are a great option for this because they blend in with your wires and look very sophisticated.

Flatter your smile
If your main goal is a bright smile, consider choosing blue bands or other cool tones that will make your teeth look whiter. You may want to experiment with a few different shades to see which one is really going to make your smile look the brightest. You should avoid shades like brown, green, and pale yellow, which can make your teeth look dingy.

Team spirit
You can choose a set of multiple colors, so why not use them to show off your team spirit? If you are still in school, try rocking your school's colors. This is particularly fun if you are on a competitive team. Even if you aren't a student, you can still wear the colors of your favorite local sports team.

Complete your outfit
Another good strategy to use when choosing your Power O’s is to think of them as an accessory. Consider the colors you normally wear and coordinate the bands with your wardrobe. For example, if you know that warm colors look best on your skin tone, you might go for red or orange, but if you look better in cool shades, opt for turquoise or purple. You can even coordinate with your favorite makeup shades if you like to wear it.

Choosing unique colors for your colored bands is a great way to make your orthodontic treatment more fun. Talk to your orthodontist to learn more about their color selection.