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Braces Make Happy Faces!!

smile more with straight teeth

When you look in the mirror and smile, do your teeth make you happy? Are they as straight as you'd like them to be?

If not, braces can be your answer to better confidence, dental hygiene, and more.

Here are four reasons why braces make happy faces.

1. Improved self-esteem
Perhaps you've been embarrassed by your smile your whole life. In photos, you hide behind a pursed-lip expression, afraid to expose your teeth and fear judgment from others. When you talk to people, you don't like to smile or even open your mouth very wide because you don't want to show your teeth. With braces, your teeth will be aligned, beautiful, and you'll never miss any chance to show off those pearly whites after treatment.

2. Better dental hygiene
With braces, those crooked teeth will be in a better position to floss and brush with ease afterward. This means fewer cavities, low risk of gum disease, tooth decay, no more bad breath, disappointed dentists, or running the risk of more serious, costly, dental complications in the future.

3. Improved speech
Believe it or not, some misaligned teeth can cause speech impediments, such as lisps or a mispronunciation of words, in general. With braces, your teeth will be straightened so you can properly pronounce words in conversations. This also improves your confidence in speaking with others.

4. Creates a more proportionate face
Some people have an overbite, or an underbite, which can make their jaw rest awkwardly or protrude more than it should. An uneven bite can cause tooth erosion, too, which can lead to other complications down the road. With braces, the bite is corrected, aligns the jaw properly, creates fuller lips and a more proportionate face. That's something to smile about.

Overall, braces are a major benefit to not only your teeth but your overall self. Whether you're looking for a better smile, more confidence, or all of the above, treat yourself with braces. Our specialists are here for you every step of the way on your journey to a beautiful, straight, smile. Give us a call today!