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Benefits of Braces: More Than Just Straight Teeth!

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Most people who think of braces probably think about how they’re necessary for improving a crooked smile. Although this is certainly true, the benefits of braces transcend merely straightening misaligned teeth. Frequently, these health and confidence-oriented benefits are overlooked by first-time braces wearers until they experience positive results.

In this article, the smile experts at Fruge Orthodontics have put together some of the top benefits of braces besides straightening teeth:

1) Braces Improve Confidence

Properly-aligned teeth, even teeth that are still in the process of getting straightened, greatly improve one’s self-confidence. With greater self-confidence comes a greater willingness to be outgoing and to pursue one’s interests. Although some people fear the way they’ll look in braces, most come to realize that it symbolizes a developmental change akin to character growth; this sparks an interest in improving themselves overall as a result.

2) Braces Encourage Daily Hygiene Habits

It’s so secret that daily oral hygiene practices are different when wearing braces. However, the regimen of cleaning them leads to schedule making for brushing and flossing. This leads one to consider how to best incorporate their oral hygiene into the broader scope of their daily life. After braces are removed, teeth are even easier to brush and floss thanks to their new position, making keeping up with daily oral hygiene even easier.

3) Braces Allow for Easier Eating

With properly-aligned teeth comes a more mechanically-effective bite. Teeth that line up well transform what was once awkward gnashing into an elegant pleasure. Experience shows that braces wearers who bite into sandwiches, pizza slices, cheesesteaks, and more are able to enjoy their favorite meals without needing to worry about dragging it all over their face or clothes or, worst of all, biting their sensitive inner lip!

4) Braces Improve Long-Term Health

It’s clear to doctors that a healthy mouth is often reflective of a healthy body. Like a series of dominos, having braces is the first step towards having a healthier body due to the knock-on effect. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, making plaques less likely to take residence in your body. Straighter teeth allow you to masticate food better, leading to higher absorption of nutrients since your stomach now has an easier time digesting. Overall health is always improved with better oral health, and the benefits of braces keep on coming.

Experience the Braces of Benefits with Fruge Orthodontics!

Interested in bettering your life more than just a straighter smile? Reach out to the local braces experts at Fruge Orthodontics via phone call or email today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our braces services!