Invisalign in Baton Rouge, LA

We are proud to be recognized as a Premier Provider of Invisalign, a designation that lets our Baton Rouge patients know they are in more than capable hands when it comes to receiving this treatment at Frugé Orthodontics.

Many people, both adolescents and adults, are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment due to the changes it makes to their appearance. With Invisalign, this worry no longer needs to stop you from obtaining the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of!

What Baton Rouge Patients Need to Know About Invisalign
Invisalign corrects many common issues associated with good oral health in addition to giving you a straight and beautiful smile. Many of our Baton Rouge patients opt for this treatment because it can be much easier to manage than traditional metal braces. Patients are able to remove the devices, thus allowing them to eat and drink as desired without having to worry about damaging any brackets or wires.

Dr. Frugé will use our in-house iTero scanner to obtain an accurate representation of your mouth and gums. This will serve as the base for creating your aligners. You will not need to have impressions taken, and there is no waiting time to obtain the results of the scan. From this information, your aligners will be created for you.

Aligners are worn for about two weeks and then they are replaced until you achieve the desired results of your treatment program. It is important that patients only remove the aligners to eat, drink, floss, and teeth brushing. Be sure to follow the guidelines given to you by your orthodontist in order to achieve the results you want in the desired timeframe.

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