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Fruge Orthodontics is proud to present AcceleDent in Denham Springs!

By utilizing AcceleDent, a patient can accelerate tooth movement by up to 50% without undergoing any unnecessary orthodontic discomfort.

What is AcceleDent?

Put simply, AcceleDent Optima is cutting-edge technology in the form of an orthodontic device meant to accelerate the improvements of your oral health. AcceleDent comes with technological features in the form of comprehensive oral care that is both easy to use and effective.

AcceleDent was designed to fit the lifestyle of the modern, on-the-go person and is hands-free. It can be used while watching television, reading books, surfing the web, listening to music, and even taking a shower!

Can be used with both brackets and aligners - whether you opt for traditional braces or one of our alignment treatment programs, adding AcceleDent is an available option.

AcceleDent Clinical Studies

There have been a total of fifteen individual clinical studies to date on the efficacy of AcceleDent and the benefits it has provided to orthodontic patients.

Leading orthodontists all around the globe have endorsed AcceleDent and have started to implement it in their practices. The SoftPulse technology of AcceleDent has been evaluated as effective and safe for moving teeth without the pain associated with the traditional orthodontic intervention.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent | Fruge Orthodontics

For about twenty minutes a day, the patient will wear AcceleDent. An app can be synced with your mobile phone that helps control and track your progress with the device.

AcceleDent features SoftPulse technology which vibrates against the teeth and gums with micropulses. This targets the roots of your teeth and the bone in which they sit.

The vibrations cause an increase in cellular movement that increases the rate that your teeth can safely be moved. When used with aligners or braces, AcceleDent has been clinically shown to adjust teeth 50% quicker; users have reported a marked decrease in discomfort and pain in relation to their aligners and braces as well.

The Benefits of AcceleDent

Patients using AcceledDent in Denham Springs in concert with the pros at Fruge Orthodontics can expect to have faster, easier treatment that is unrivaled in comfort. There will be fewer office visits required, freeing you up for more of what life has to offer. AcceleDent reduces the occurrences of cavities, white spots, and gum inflammation as well.

SoftPulse technology’s micropulses use eight times less impact than an electric toothbrush and 200x less strain than regular chewing.

Is AcceleDent Convenient?

AcceleDent has been designed with the 21st century in mind by marrying high-tech features and a performance-tracking app to easily and efficiently track your progress. Using Bluetooth technology, AcceleDent connects to your smartphone to give real-time updates as your beautiful, healthy smile gets only better and better!

If you’re in Denham Springs or the greater area, contact Fruge Orthodontics today to see how your orthodontic treatment timeline could be reduced by up to 75%!

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